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Why Bloggers Should Get a Mobile App and How To Maximize It!

Why Bloggers Should Get a Mobile App and How To Maximize It!

By Bianca Bee

Blogging is growing rapidly every day, but how many bloggers can say they have their own mobile app? Yep, you heard it right. How many bloggers out there can say they have their own app on all phones? Hardly any. This is why getting your own mobile app will make you stand out even more as a blogger.

I first got the idea of starting my own app about two years ago. At the time I was like, "No, that's so conceited." Then I really thought about it and was like "wow, I really can stand out by doing this." I did some research and noticed that apps are really expensive! I then talked to my mentor Monica Marie Jones about it and she told me about "BV Mobile Apps."

When I saw their site, I was like wow this is cheap. When I reached out to the company, they were so friendly and responded back to my emails immediately. My app was ready to go in less than three weeks. To all bloggers out there, I advise you to get your own app.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Makes you stand out - No one is really doing it as a blogger.

  2. Your viewers have everything on one platform - People can view your app all day.

  3. Improves engagement - You can get more personal with a mobile app.

  4. Anyone Can Download It - Everyone doesn't have social media, but everyone has a phone.

Now once you have your app, what do you get out of it? What should you do next? Here are my tips:

  1. Push notifications - Notifying your viewers that you just released a new blog.

  2. Sponsors - You can get more people involved with your app by posting their products and getting paid for it.

  3. Easy clicks - Once you have set on your push notifications, people are more likely to click it and that can help you gain more clicks on your site, app, videos and more.

  4. Shareable - You can share an app post on all your other social media sites.

Now it's time to go get your app!

  • BV Mobile Apps
  •   5686 Fulton Industrial Blvd SW, #44671
         Atlanta, GA 30336

About BV Mobile Apps

BV Mobile Apps is a mobile app development/hosting company. We specialize in creating apps for the entertainment industry. BV was founded by Gerald Olivari and Marshall Lyons. We're based in Atlanta.

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