Apple Rejected My App. What Should I Do?

If Apple rejected your app, more than likely it's because they need proof that you have the rights to use the App Name and Logo that you submitted. You’ll need to upload some documentation to prove that you are authorized to use that name. Here are some examples that you can use as proof:

• Trademark Paperwork
• Business Registration (i.e. Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, etc…)
• Notarized Document including your name and the name of your app
• Banking or Credit Card Statement
• Domain Registration Receipt (i.e.
• EIN (apply here:

You will scan one of these documents and upload in the Resolution Center of App Store Connect:

You will also scan and upload your Driver’s License or State ID so Apple can verify your identity.

In the Reply section, type a brief statement saying who you are and how you are related to the App (i.e. owner, it's your music alias, etc...)
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