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  • Q:
    Are there any different layouts or features available for my app?

  • We offer several upgrades through our Add-Ons page.


    If you have an idea for an upgrade that you don't see on that page, please Contact Us for a quote.


  • Q:
    I already have an account. How do I reactivate my service?

  • To reactivate your service:

    1. Go to the Pricing Page:

    2. Select a plan

    3. Login to your current BV Mobile Apps account

    4. Select to pay Monthly or Annually (save 20%)

    5. Complete payment through PayPal

  • Q:
    How do I cancel my service?

  • In order to cancel your service, you must cancel the Payment Profile that you have with us through Paypal.

    Go to the Pre-Approved Payments section in your Paypal account. Here's a direct link to that section:

    We do not handle cancellation via email.

  • Q:
    How do I change the account that's used to process my payment?

  • If you need to change the Funding Source (i.e. credit card, debit card, or checking account), you can do through your Paypal account.

    If you need to change the Paypal account associated with your app, select your plan again on our Pricing page and make a payment with the new Paypal. That will create a new Payment Profile with that Paypal account. Then, we’ll cancel the old payment profile and give you a pro-rated refund for the balance left for the month/year.

    Pricing Page:

  • Q:
    Am I locked into a contract?

  • No. You can cancel your service at anytime. If you cancel, the services in your app will be deactivated, but you can reactivate the services by signing up for a plan again.

  • Q:
    Can I get a discount if I pay for the entire year?

  • Yes. If you decide to pay for the entire year, you'll receive a 20% discount! You can switch to the Yearly plan at anytime by selecting a plan on the Pricing page and paying for the year. You will receive a pro-rated refund for monthly service.

  • Q:
    How do I know my financial information is safe with BV Mobile Apps?

  • All transactions are handled via Paypal. We never receive any of your personal financial information (i.e. – credit card or bank account numbers, routing numbers, etc.)


  • Q:
    I have banners in my app. How can I see how much money I've made?

  • Login to your AdMob account to see how much revenue you've made:

  • Q:
    How can I add my own banners to my app?

  • Google AdMob allows you to setup your own Campaigns so you can control what banners appear in your app. This is very useful if you want to sell the banner space to someone or advertise your own product/services.

    To setup your own banners

    1. Login to your AdMob account:

    2. Click Campaigns (left-side)

    3. Click Create Campaign

    4. Select “Direct Sold” as the Campaign Type

    5. Select the Goal that you want for that banner ad. The Goal depends on how often you want their banner to appear. If you want their ad to appear all the time, select "Percentage of Impressions." You can also select "Percentage of Impressions" if you only want it to appear 50% of the time. If you only want to give that banner ad a certain number of impressions or clicks, you can select those Goal types too.

    6. Select Ad Units (check the boxes next to each app listed and click Confirm)

    7. Click Continue

    8. Enter a name for the Ad Campaign

    9. Enter a % of total impressions that you want to give that add (i.e. 100%, 50%)

    10. Select a Goal Schedule. This is how long you want the ad to run

    11. Click Save & Continue

    12. Click the Create New Ad and select what you’ll be advertising

    13. Enter the information for a Text Ad or Upload your own banner. The dimensions are 300 x 50.

    14. Click Create Ad

  • Q:
    If I add banner ads to my app, how will I get paid?

  • After you setup your app, you'll be guided through the process on how to obtain an Ad Unit ID from Google AdMob. You will receive your payments directly from Google.


  • Q:
    How can I send Push Notifications to my app?

  • Your Blog is used to send Push Notification to your app. The Headline of the blog post is the actual notification that the user sees.

    You can change the date/time of the Blog Post so the notification goes out right away or at some date/time in the future.

    Notifications get sent every 20 minutes from our server. That gives you a chance to update the Headline before the notification is sent. Once the notification is sent, you can’t retract it.

  • Q:
    Users who downloaded my app aren't receiving their Push Notifications. What is the problem?

  • There are several things that could be the issue. First, ask the user to confirm that they've given your app permission to receive Notifications. Some users have this turned off by default or they don't accept the permission to receive notifications when they first open your app.

    Second, push notifications on iPhone require a valid certificate to send the notification to Apple. These notifications expire after a year so if you're near the yearly anniversary of when you signed up for your app, it could be expired. Login to your Apple Developer Account and make sure your Push Certificate has not expired.

    Third, check the Blogs Editor to make sure there is a green checkmark next to the Blog Post. This indicates that a push notification has actually been sent.

    Lastly, if the user has switched phones recently, the notifications may still be going to the old device. You should suggest that the user delete and download your app again to make sure the notifications are going to the new device.

  • Q:
    Is there a way to add a live video stream feed to my app so I can stream live video to viewers?

  • Yes. There are two options:

    1. You can signup for a uStream or Chew.TV account and submit a Change Request to have that added to your app. That will only work for iPhone. uStream’s cannot be embedded on Android. This is a free option

    2. You can signup for a service that gives you a Video Stream URL. That will work on all devices. This option will cost some money. We don’t have any recommended Video providers so you would have to find one.

  • Q:
    How can I see other apps that you have created?

  • You can see all of the clients that we have created apps for in our Marketplace.

  • Q:
    Can I use the RSS Feed from my site for the Blogs in my app?

  • Yes! If you signup for the Silver or Gold plan, you'll have access to use your own RSS Reed.

  • Q:
    Will the people who download my app be notified when I add a blog?

  • Yes! This is the best part of having an app. Users will receive a notification on their phone when you add a new blog post. Note: Users can opt-out of push notifications.


  • Q:
    How can I transfer my Android app to a different Google Play Account?

  • 1. Login to the Google Play Account where the app currently is.

    2. Go to this link:

    Here are instructions from Google to help you fill out the form:

  • Q:
    How do I change the Radio stream in my app?

  • You can update your stream on the Account Info page. After you make the change, make sure you click Refresh on the Main tab in your App or post a new blog so the settings refresh for everyone.

    Account Info:

  • Q:
    How many Change Requests are you allow per month?

  • You're allowed 1 free change/month with the Gold and Silver plans. That covers any changes that don't require new development. For instance, these changes would be free.... changing tabs icons, removing tabs, updating your audio stream, etc..

    After the first Change Request, it's $20 for each change and there's no limit.

  • Q:
    How can I add Photo Albums to my app?

  • Albums can be added using the Photos service. This service will be added to your account after you setup your app.


  • Q:
    My YouTube Video Says "Video Unavailable" When I Try To Play It In The App.

  • YouTube might have placed some sort of restrictions on where some of your videos can play. There might be a copyright issue, but that's something that YouTube will have to assist you with.

    Here's a link where you can contact YouTube so they can provide you more assistance: (see form at that bottom of the page)

    In the Other Details section of their support form, mention that you’re receiving a "Video Unavailable" message only when you embed the video inside of a mobile app. Provide specific links to a video that works and videos that don’t work so they can figure out the difference.


  • Q:
    What do I need in order to signup for an app?

  • After you create your account and login, you'll be taken to a page that guides you through the process. You'll need to add at least 3 blog posts, a picture, your website, your social media links, the name of your app, your preferred color scheme, and the images that you want to use as logo/header for your app.

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  • Q:
    Apple Rejected My App. What Should I Do?

  • If Apple rejected your app, more than likely it's because they need proof that you have the rights to use the App Name and Logo that you submitted. You’ll need to upload some documentation to prove that you are authorized to use that name. Here are some examples that you can use as proof:

    • Trademark Paperwork
    • Business Registration (i.e. Corporation, Sole Proprietorship, etc…)
    • Notarized Document including your name and the name of your app
    • Banking or Credit Card Statement
    • Domain Registration Receipt (i.e.
    • EIN (apply here:

    You would need to scan one of these documents and upload in the Resolution Center of App Store Connect:

    You would also need to scan and upload your Driver’s License or State ID so Apple can verify your identity.

    In the Reply section, type a brief statement saying who you are and how you are related to the App (i.e. owner, it's your music alias, etc...)

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