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We Build Better Mobile Apps!

We specialize in creating mobile apps for Radio, DJs, and TV. That means our mobile apps are better designed to have the features that you will need.
  • Audio

    Allow your users to hear, download, and purchase your audio.

  • Video

    Integrate your YouTube channel and playlist directly into the app.

  • Live Streaming

    Add your live Audio and/or view your live Video streams.

  • Blogs

    Add your commentary or articles.

  • Recording Feature

    Allow your listeners to send audio messages to your Radio Station.

  • Song Requests

    Accept song requests and money for those requests in your app.

  • Push Notifications

    Ensure your users get your messages by sending notifications.

  • Social Networks

    Integrate your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Monetize

    Earn money from banners supplied by you or by Google Ad Mob.

  • Analytics

    Track the number of downloads & interactions through mobile stats.

  • RSS Feed Integration

    Integrate the RSS Feed from your website.

  • Apple Watch

    Allow people to listen to your Radio Station from their watch.

Allow Your Listeners to Send Audio Messages to Your Radio Station

New Recording Feature

What You Get with BV Mobile Apps

Social Networks

Integrate your social networks into the app.

Unlimited Photo Albums

Add all of the photos that you need.

Customizable Header

Change the headers in your app to match your brand.

Features You Want

All of the important features that you need in a mobile app.

Live Streaming

Include live audio and video streams in your app. Perfect for radio shows!

Customize Your Content

Change your description at any time.

Share Your Content

Users can easily share your content via email and their social networks.


Earn money from banner ads. If you don't have your own ads, that's fine! You can signup to get ads from Google Ad Mob and they'll pay you for the space.

Music Player

Get a clean, professional music player for your songs and episodes.

Great Design

Easy-to-use controls that will make your users love your app.

Share Your Content

Users can easily share your content via email and their social networks.

Download or Purchase

Allow your users to download (Android and BlackBerry only) or purchase your music directly from your app.

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About BV Mobile Apps

BV Mobile Apps is a mobile app development/hosting company. We specialize in creating apps for the entertainment industry. BV was founded by Gerald Olivari and Marshall Lyons. We're based in Atlanta.

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