Referral Program

Who should I refer?

Individuals and businesses who you know need a mobile app. Perhaps someone mentioned their interest in having a mobile app; or perhaps you know a mobile app will take their business to the next level and they need it.

Are there any industries that I should focus on?

Great question! We've found that our apps work well for those in the following professions:

  • DJs

  • Radio Shows / Stations

  • Artists/Musicians

  • Bloggers

  • Podcasts

  • Motivational Speakers

To view a listing of the apps we've created by category, Visit the BV Mobile Apps Marketplace

How Does It Work?

We've integrated a new field into our signup form where new clients MUST select whether or not they were referred to us. If they select "Yes", another field pops up where they can provide your name.

In addition, if you're accepted into the Referral Program, we'll provide you with banners you can place on your website, blog, etc that include a code so anytime a potential client arrives at our site by clicking on your banner, your name will automatically be filled in as the Referrer.

How Do I Get Paid?

BV Mobile Apps Referral ProgramFirst, you MUST have a Paypal account! This is how you will receive your compensation. If you don't have one yet, sign up at

Next, you refer clients who sign up for a mobile app.

Finally, provided your referral remains a client for at least 60 days, you'll be compensated within 10 business days based on the service that they selected:

$60 (Platinum Service)

$40 (Gold Service)

$30 (Silver Service)
Your referral signs up Nov 17th. Your referral is still a client on Jan 17th.
You'll receive your referral compensation by Jan 30th.

So the next question is...WHO CAN YOU REFER???

If interested in the BV Mobile Apps Referral Program, please login to your BV account and apply today!

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About BV Mobile Apps

BV Mobile Apps is a mobile app development/hosting company. We specialize in creating apps for the entertainment industry. BV was founded by Gerald Olivari and Marshall Lyons. We're based in Atlanta.

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